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New Rink Screening Process

By MRYHA Board, 11/10/20, 9:30AM EST


New Screening Process

In order to expedite the standard, ongoing screening process for everyone entering the ice arenas, the City of Manchester has implemented an online system and installed temperature kiosks at both arenas. (JFK’s is at the Maple Street entrance)  

Prior to your next entry, everyone in required to answer screening questions. You MUST use the specific website address for the arena you are entering. Once you register online, the QR code will be valid for 12 hours.  You can print the QR code as well and use it at kiosk that day. Parents can register their child with them as a group. 

Once at the arena, use the QR code generated by the online question/answer process to check in at the kiosk and follow the directions to complete the screening process.  The thermometer at the top of the kiosk can read either your forehead or wrist. The thermometer will say LO if the temperature was not able to be taken because of hair, clothing, bracelets or a watch. The thermometer will alarm at 99.6 or higher, most often with a forehead reading.  If this happens, try to take the temperature at the wrist.  If the temperature is still too high, do not enter the rink.

Please use this LINK if you are entering the JFK Arena



Please use this LINK if you are entering the West Side Arena