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All About MRYHA Calendars

By Joe Proulx, 09/10/15, 12:15PM EDT


At this point in the year, most teams have their calendars added to the website. Learn to Skate, Learn to Play, and U8/U12 were added last week. So how can you use this information? 

Sport NGIN, the platform that runs our website, uses tags to run their calendars. If you click the 'Calendar' link on the navigation bar, the calendar defaults to every single MRYHA event that has been uploaded - every practice, every game, for every team. To edit this, look at the bottom right corner of the calendar where it says 'Show Tag Menu'. You can clear all tags, then select a single team (or multiple teams if you have kids on different teams). This allows you to customize the view of your calendar to fit your needs. Within each team page (and on each page for LTS, LTP, and U8/U12), you can view calendars that have the tags pre-populated. 

Once you have the calendar showing only the tags you care about, you're ready to add that calendar to your device (Google Calendar, your iPhone, your Android, MS Outlook, etc). Once you add the calendar to your device, it will automatically update as the Flames website updates (for new games, cancellations, etc). 

How To Connect iCal to your device

Select the "Subscribe to iCal Feed" at the bottom of the calendar and copy the webcal:// address. The next step depends on what software you're using. 

MS Outlook: Select "Tools", then "Account Settings".  Then select the tab "Internet Calendars", then "New".  Then just paste the copied iCal URL into the box.

Google Calendar: Under "Other Calendars", select "Add", then "Add by URL".  Then just paste the copied iCal URL into the box. Go back to “other calendars” on the lower left and select settings. Click on the calendar which starts with "webcal://..." rename it to something friendly like "Peewee Minor". 

Android Phone: You must perform the steps above for Google Calendar. Once you have those done, you can select your new calendar from within Android's calendar app. (For more details and screenshots, click here.)

Import to iPhone: Select "Settings", then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", then "Add Account", then "Other", then "Add Subscribed Calendar".  When it asks for "Server", paste the iCal URL.  It will search/validate the URL. Then it will give a default "Description" name, you can change this to whatever name makes sense to you.  Leave "Username" and "Password" blank. Use SSL "Off" and Remove Alarms "Off". (For more details and screenshots, click here.)

Blackberry:  NOTE:  You must already have a google email account (sign up at You will also need to install google sync on your blackberry.  Follow the directions for importing iCal to Google Calendar above.  Install google sync on your blackberry by browsing to on your blackberry browser. Once installed, the google sync setup will ask for your gmail account name and password. You will also have to scroll down to the bottom of the google sync options screen on the blackberry and make sure the Chelsea hockey calendar you added to your gmail account is selected on the blackberry.