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Interested in Becoming a Referee?

By Webmaster, 06/01/20, 10:00AM EDT



The 2020-21 registration season for the Officiating Program begins on August 1, 2020 and all incomplete registrations must be completed by 12:00am (midnight), April 30 of the following year. USA Hockey officials registration is valid for the entire season in any district or state in the United States. Membership in a State or Local Officials Association is not required for USA Hockey officials registration.

Minimum/Maximum Ages

USA Hockey has no minimum or maximum ages for officials. It is highly recommended that, regardless of level attained, officials not work games of their own age classification or higher. Generally, officials can successfully officiate as young as age 10. However, some individual states do have restrictive child labor laws that do not exempt amateur sport officials. It is the obligation of the parent who registers a minor to determine the specific labor laws in their respective state prior to registering with USA Hockey.


New Officials (Never Been Registered)

All persons who have never registered with USA Hockey as an Ice Hockey Official must register at Level 1 for the first season. The District Referee-in-Chief may make exceptions to this rule in extreme cases where the applicant has extensive hockey officiating experience that would foster registration at Level 2. In such cases, the applicant must contact the District Referee-in-Chief prior to completing membership registration.

No first-time registered official may register above Level 2 for the first season.


At the homepage, click on the “Become a Member” link (top-right of the page) to register as an Ice Official and pay your annual membership fee (and local Affiliate Fee if applicable). 

Once you are registered you will receive two emails. The first  email will confirm your membership registration. The second email will contain your USA Hockey Referee Number (your unique referee ID), and additional information regarding completing registration.

Additionally, all new officials will receive a hard-copy of the USA Hockey Playing Rules & Casebook and Basic Officiating Manual a week after completing membership registration. Returning officials will receive a new rulebook each Rule Change Season.

U.S. CENTER FOR SAFESPORT TRAINING (if born in 2003 or earlier):

All officials who were born in 2003 (or earlier) by June 1 of the current year, must complete the U.S. Center for SafeSport training program. This online program trains USA Hockey members in detecting and preventing detrimental behavior (hazing, abuse, etc.) on and off the playing surface. Once core-fundamental training is completed, a brief re-certification course is required each year. SafeSport training can be completed by using the SafeSport link under the OFFICIALS tab at


All officials who are 18 years-old (or older) by June 1 of the current year, must submit to a USA Hockey sanctioned criminal background screen. More information regarding the screening process can be found here.

USA Hockey Background Screens are valid for two seasons, and no screening process performed by an outside entity will be accepted.



Once registered with USA Hockey, you will receive instructions regarding the Online Seminar Modules.
These modules are a mixture of required and elective topics that teach fundamental skills of officiating using video examples, animation, and testing. You must complete your required hours of training to receive your card and crest. You can access the online modules under the OFFICIALS tab at

Returning Level 3 and Level 4 Officials may complete all Elective Category module quizzes prior to completing module videos. Once the module is launched, please use the video scroll bar to advance to the quiz.


Go to the Open Book Exam page at the OFFICIALS section of and follow the steps to begin your online exam. The exam is designed to allow you to go at your own pace. You may answer all questions at once, or answer ten questions every day until it is completed. Please review all answers before submitting your exam for scoring. The exam will be accessible 24-hours after online registration, and we strongly encourage you to wait until you receive your Rulebook and attend your classroom seminar (see below) before attempting to take the test.


All USA Hockey Officials must attend a USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminar annually. To find one in your area, go to the Seminar Registration page at the OFFICIALS section of You must create a USAH Courses System profile to complete registration for a seminar (completing Membership Registration does not automatically create a USAH Courses Profile).

Most seminars are scheduled between late June and early November (the schedules begin to appear online starting in May), and any questions about classroom seminars should be directed to your USA Hockey District and local staffWe strongly recommend you make sure you can attend a seminar before you begin the Membership Registration process (the fee is non-refundable), and do not wait long to register since some seminars do fill up very quickly.

Please feel free to contact our Referee-in-Chief Mike Paul or Associate Referee-in-Chief Tim Powell with any questions. 

Mike Paul


Phone: 413.219.4414

Tim Powell

Associate Referee-in-Chief

Phone: 603.689.6142